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Best Website Marketing Tools – Words

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The words on your small business website can be one of your best website marketing tools. They can also drive your potential customers or client away from your site.

You have about seven seconds to convince a potential client or customers to stay on your website. You must to convince them in those precious seconds that they should know more about your company and your services.

To simplify what follows, I refer to clients and customers as “visitors.”

The first thing to understand is that your visitors don’t read business web pages like a book, a newspaper, an internet article, or a blog. They “hunt and peck ” through the words on a business Internet page looking for what is relevant or interesting to them.

To keep visitors on your business page longer than seven seconds, follow these rules:

1. Don’t write too much about you. Just like in life, no one wants to hear too much about a person at the first meeting.

2. Do write about what your company can do for your visitors and why you can do it better than your competition.

3. Keep your text brief. Write only one thought in every sentence. Write only two or three sentences in every paragraph. Long complicated sentences don’t work on the Internet. It’s difficult to “hunt and ” through long paragraphs.

4. Make absolutely sure that all the words on your site are spelled correctly. Be careful with your grammar. Use an application like Microsoft Word to be certain. Try for a high “readability index.” When you’ve done all that, have at least one other person read the marketing text before you show it on your website. Writers often have “invisible vision” when it comes to their own mistakes.

5. If you can, get a professional to write your web site text. You may think you’re a good writer and that may be true. However, writing web page copy is a specialty. It takes specialized skill and experience. The cost of a professional Internet writer is well worth it.

Never ignore the potential of text as one of you best website marketing tools