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How Do I Start A Small Business?

The Internet has made it easy than ever to start a small business. You can put up an e-commerce site and begin selling without expenses such as leasing a storefront or buying advertising. You can sell your products on popular sites like eBay and Amazon. However, it's essential to remember that the basics of running a small business apply whether you're selling ice cream from a food truck or greeting cards on eBay.

Research Your Competition. Make Sure You Can Identify Your Potential Consumers Or Clients.

It’s easy. Learn to use Google and then use it.

Remember You’re Trying To Start A Small Business

Don't make grand plans for your business at the very beginning. If you haven’t run a business before, keep your business manageable at the start with a realistic plan for growth.

Strangely enough, many business owners fail because they were “too successful” too soon.

Write A Business Plan

This is the essential step to take when starting a business. It doesn't have to be long or complicated. A simple three-page business plan will often suffice. You can find sample business plans for every business on the Internet. Once again, find good ones with Google.

Your business plan is essential when you attempt to fund your business. It clarifies where you expect to earn the income to pay back your initial funding. It maps out what you’ll have to spend to make that income.

A business plan becomes the path that your business will attempt to follow. Of course, there’ll be twists and turns along the way. However, a solid business plan is the compass that keeps your business on track.

Your Best Move Is To Talk To An Expert Who's Been Through It All

John Heartfield, director of eCurtain Media, has run three successful Internet Businesses. He’s counseled scores of hopeful small business owners.

He can tell you what works.

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