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Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Alex Freund is a brilliant career coach. Alex came to eCurtain Media because his website simply wasn't working. He was delighted with new website John Heartfield created for him (See Testimonials). Before an eCurtain makeover, The old Landing Expert website had many of the issues that make a business website ineffective (SEE IMAGE BELOW).

CLICK "AFTER eCURTAIN MAKEOVER" to see the website eCurtain Media created for Alex.
Best Small Business Websites
These two pages are a great example of how to improve an existing small business website.

Currently, Alex is using Wordpress for his website. Wordpress is a great choice because it is naturally "mobile friendly" at a time when so many people surf the web using their cellphones.

John Heartfield is a recognized expert if you're interested in converting your current website to Wordpress.


Best Small Business Websites
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