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Clients And Colleagues Say Trust eCurtain Media's John Heartfield

"John Heartfield of eCurtain Media LLC built and has maintained my official website for over twelve years. I hired John to build and maintain my official website in 1999 and John is the only website consultant I would ever use. John is that rare combination of creative imagination and technical know-how. My career spans many years. John was able to collect my array of credits as a composer, Broadway orchestrator, and performer and present them in an entertaining, well-organized, and easily accessible format. He wrote the website text and designed and programmed the entire site. I've received so many compliments on every aspect of my site. Every time I ask John to modify or add to the site, he responds quickly and exactly to my specifications. I couldn't be happier with the work John has done and I look forward to working with him for many more years. I'd highly recommend John to anyone who wants their website to shine."
Steve Margoshes - Composer of "Fame The Musical" and Broadway Orchestrator of musicals such as AIDA and Tommy. Client for more than twelve years.

"John Heartfield of eCurtain Media LLC is amazing! I hired John to build and maintain my official webset in 2009 and he remains the only web site consultant I trust.Once he started describing to me what he could do with my existing website I started salivating. What I liked about his ideas was that he clearly demonstrated his understanding of the fast evolution in web technology. He was talking to me about the future, not like other web developers who grab a template and populate it with existing data. I would be happy to talk to anyone in support of John."
Alex Freund - Career Coach. Client for more than 5 years.

"When I hired John Heartfield in 2009, I didn't want to be asked too many questions about the background functionality of the application. I trusted John to make the correct technical decisions. He's is the kind of consultant who doesn't bring his clients "problems," he brings his clients "solutions to problems." If asked to describe him, I'd say: expert, friendly, dedicated, and calm under pressure. I highly recommend John knowing that he would be an outstanding asset. I would hire him again in a minute."
Jen Francis - Jen Francis Designs.

"I recommend John Heartfield to you highly -- he is a mature, thoughtful and seasoned professional. From the moment he entered the ITP program, John evidenced the wonderful combination of skills and talents which inspired him to study multimedia -- a computer programmer and a musician with a keen appreciation for the visual arts. In other words, a wonderful blend of the technical and the artistic."
Red Burns - Legendary Founder of the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

"I had the pleasure of working with John Heartfield on a large and important project for the Japanese telco giant NTT (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph). John's company, Electric Curtain Multimedia Programming and Design, took on the task of working with NTT's proprietary Internet software. This cutting-edge technology tested the abilities of all those who worked with it. It was not an easy task but John and his staff were outstanding in meeting the challenge. John's company won this project over many others, including larger, well-known multimedia production houses, for a number of reasons. We were impressed with his experience with software design, his deep knowledge of programming techniques, and his obvious commitment to excellence. John's natural teaching skills were indispensable when it was time to teach his staff the Japanese software that they were required to use. He endeared himself with everyone he encountered at NTT and helped create a working environment that led to an outstanding final product that was delivered on time and contained features beyond NTT's original specifications. I believe that any organization or team would be fortunate to be enriched by the addition of John Heartfield and I recommend him without reservation."
Mark Doerrier, Television Producer and Documentary Filmmaker. Recently hired John to program a national Sleep Number Bed commercial

"I got to know John when we were computer science faculty members at Queens College, CUNY. I also worked directly with John at CUNY and John's multimedia programming and design company in Soho, New York.John is a special individual. As a teacher, John had that rare facility for explaining complex concepts to students in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner. It was clear how deeply he cared that his students would get the best education possible. Subsequently, we wrote graphic programs at John's multimedia programming and design corporation in Soho. He was always a consummate professional and great company. We spent hours together discussing a vast array of topics from teaching methods to recursive programming. John is always coming up with original and creative ways to express his talents as both a programmer and a teacher. Any company or concern could not do better than to have John Heartfield join."
Bill Vanyo, Senior Software Engineer

"Without a doubt, John Heartfield was the best professor I ever had. Beyond the fact that he was obviously an expert in the subject, he was entertaining, engaging, energetic, responsive, and always seemed to be deeply concerned that our class "got" the material we needed. Working with him as a colleague was as rewarding as being his student. He's a true professional in every sense of the word and a wonderful person to work with. I cannot say enough good things about him. If you need either a teacher or a multimedia professional, you could not do better than John Heartfield."
Mariko Nakaya - Graphic Designer. Professor Heartfield's former student and current colleague.

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