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John Heartfield Has Been In Business On The Internet Since 1995

John Heartfield Internet Entrepreneur Small Business Consultant

eCurtain's Director, John Heartfield, Has:

The experience to understand challenges small business owners face.

The knowledge to get you through the maze of small business website decisions.

The technical knowledge to provide you with answers to your toughest questions.

A trusted network of Internet Specialists and Internet Service Providers.

John Heartfield’s Proven Skills And Experience Include:

Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, and E-Commerce Websites

Writing For Print and The Internet

Instructional Design and Presentation

Creative Direction and Team Management



Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and E-Commerce

John J Heartfield built and is the curator of the Official John Heartfield Exhibition. He researched, designed, programmed, and optimized every page of this major site on his own. The Official John Heartfield Exhibition was named after John's grandfather, the courageous antifascist anti-Nazi political artist and graphic design genius. John's grandfather risked his life inside Nazi Germany to expose the lies of The Third Reich. His famous political art made him number-five on the Gestapo’s most-wanted list.

John wrote the "Website Design Best Practices" for the major Internet company, Red Sky Interactive.

John Heartfield designed the entire original user interface for NikonUSA (Nikon Camera's corporate portal, including most of its related websites).

John is now dedicated to working only with small business owners. He knows he can provide easy-to-understand ideas that will save them money and help them succeed.



Writing For Print & The Internet

John Heartfield wrote and designed Make Your Small Business Website Work: Easy Answers to Content, Navigation, and Design. (Rockport Publishers).

Make Your Small Business Website Work enjoys a five-star review on Amazon.com.

John has always been a fan of action-adventure mystery novels. His own action-adventure novel, Controlling Time, was published in 2012. A critic described Controlling Time as a cross between a Philip K. Dick novel and a Jason Bourne adventure.



Instructional Design & Presentation

Professor Heartfield has designed and taught more than twenty-five courses in Multimedia Design and Programming in schools such as New York University's Stern School of Business (one of America's top-rated business schools) and the Tisch School of the Arts' Interactive Telecommunications Program (described as "One of America's Top Five Digital Media and Marketing Schools" by Advertising Age Magazine).

The Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry (MITI), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Multimedia Association of Japan brought John to Tokyo as the third member of a delegation headed by distinguished educators Red Burns (NYU) and Vibeke Sorenson (UCLA). Professor Heartfield provided presentations and seminars for fifty multimedia producers and a select group of students. He was a featured speaker at the inauguration ceremony for TIme 24, a major multimedia facility outside Tokyo.

Red Burns, legendary founder and former chair of the ITP Program at New York University, wrote of John J Heartfield, "From the moment he entered our [ ITP ] program, John evidenced the wonderful combination of skills and talents which inspired him to study multimedia -- a computer programmer and a musician with a keen appreciation for the visual arts. In other words, a wonderful blend of the technical and the artistic. John thrives on challenges, and he is a relentless learner. Even as a student John was notable for his willingness to share his considerable technical knowledge with his classmates. He did this with good relentless cheer -- he is one of those rare birds -- a programmer who can communicate effectively with the “non-techie” crowd."

Professor Burns asked John to teach at New York University soon after his graduation. He was honored when she chose him to receive a Tisch School of the Arts award for “Pioneering Work In Interactive Media.



Creative Direction & Team Management

In 1995, John began his interactive media career as the creative director and senior programming manager for one of the world's first digital multimedia magazines.

That same year, he founded and served as CEO/CCO of Electric Curtain Inc., Multimedia Programming and Design, a cutting-edge design and presentation firm in Soho, New York.

Within a year, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (the Japanese equivalent of AT&T) chose Electric Curtain Inc. to build one of the first modules of its interactive learning system, CALAT. NT&T brought John to Tokyo. He quickly learned to share highly technical concepts with NTT engineers through an interpreter with no technical background. The success of Electric Curtain Inc. caught the eye of the Tokyo's multimedia establishment.

In addition, Electric Curtain completed multimedia projects for Pepsi, Tropicana, Nortel, and many others.




Professor Heartfield is a Queens College summa cum laude valedictorian. He received the Philip Drummond Award, given to the computer science department's most distinguished graduate.

During his career, John has designed and taught many computer programming courses. He is fluent in at least seven computer languages. He is equally comfortable working in Adobe Flash, Wordpress, XHTML, PHP, as well as many other platforms, scripts, and computer languages.

Dan O'Sullivan, the current Chair of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, wrote of John J Heartfield, “He used his own fractal algorithms to program a graphic winter wonderland, complete with pine trees and falling snow, using only the programming language C. He is that rare combination of brilliant intellect and engaging, friendly personality.”

John has programmed everything from a Sleep Number Mattress commercial to an intelligent multi-user learning system.


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