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Do I Really Need A Website?

These days, almost every small business owner thinks, "I need a website!"

Of course, if you're selling online or providing a service that can be described with extra benefits to the consumer, the obvious answer is: "Yes, you must have a website." There's a great deal of information on this website to help you build an effective one.

However, it's possible that your small business does not need a full-blown website. Don't let anyone talk you into building a website simply because every small business needs a website.

Let's consider these two examples.

Example One: There's an established medium-sized neighborhood hardware store. Its benefit over large outlets such as Home Depot is that it maintains a good basic inventory, has reasonable (though not cheaper prices), and an excellent knowledgeable staff. It has a loyal client base because customers know they can walk in, say, "I need a 2 1/2 inch bolt," and they'll be guided directed to the part they need. They don't have to drive 20 minutes to Home Depot and look around the store for another 30 minutes. Also, they won't be tempted to spend extra money on another new pair of scissors. This store needs to be found on the Internet. However, it doesn't really need a website. The convincing arguments for customers to go to this small hardware store are obvious. All the customers need to know is that it exists, its contact information, and how to easily find it. These pieces of information can be added several other Internet Information Outlets.

Example Two: There's a neighborhood auto repair shop. It's won awards for service. It has strong professional affiliations with several major parts suppliers. It has many recommendations from satisfied clients. Its mechanics are all experienced pros. It has a guaranteed turn-around repair time. Someone from the shop will come to your house, pick up your car, repair it, and bring it back. It's essential that such a small business has a strong professional website to bring those benefits to the public's attention.

You should always consider the ROI (Return On Your Investment) when you're considering if you need a website.

Consider Example Two. The amount of extra profit the repair shop will make by investing in a great, reasonably priced website demands that the shop invests in the kind of website that reflects the quality of its work and the benefits to its customers.

Finally, remember a bad website can actually drive customers away from your business. You only have seconds to impress the visitors to your business website. Consider the appearance and functionality of your website to be the same as the appearance and service in a real-world store. How long would you stay if you walk into a real-world store that was ugly and disorganized?

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