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John Heartfield, Director

John Heartfield, Small Business Ideas, Help, Advice

Make an appointment to speak to the expert on small business and entrepreneurial ideas. Learn More about eCurtain Media's Director. He understands both business and business websites.

Make Your Business Work

Make Your Small Business Website Work

John Heartfield wrote the book
on creating and maintaining effective business websites.

Clear answers to questions about planning, designing, and maintaining small business websites that increase profits.


free website advice and Internet help

eCurtain checks your website for free. Is it working for you or costing you customers?

eCurtain's priority is lasting business relationships. A client said, “I learned more in one hour than in a year on my own.”

Get Found On The Web

Search Engine Optimization Help and SEO advice

A famous actor said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”"

You've heard the term: SEO. Do you understand its importance? eCurtain clearly explains it. We can do it for you the right way.

Call 866-688-6922 or Write To eCurtain Media today to make an appointment. Learn how to increase your business profits on the Internet. Ask for a free, no obligation easy-to-understand evaluation of your current website. There's no sales pitch. Just straight talk.

With eighteen years helping businesses with Internet ideas and solutions, eCurtain Media offers easy-to-understand answers that sound like English, not technology babble. eCurtain Media's advice is designed to save you money.

Business owners who aren't experts on Internet marketing usually pay too much and get too little. "Website Factories" and large "Search Engine Companies" charge big fees and often don't deliver on their promises.

eCurtain Media specializes in helping small business owners understand how to get the most profit from the least investment. eCurtain Media only builds websites for a select group of clients. Each one is personalized to the client's needs and budget.

Your business can appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the major search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential and it must be done the right way.

eCurtain Media can advise you on all your marketing tools - from your business cards to your web address (www.MyBusinessWebsite.com) to your selection of an Internet hosting company.

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